Can Artificial Intelligent Software Controll the Human Brain?

Artificial Intelligent

One of the current hot topics in the field of AI is whether or not the systems we build are intelligent enough to pass the Turing Test. The original paper was written by Alan Turing, an English mathematician and cryptographer who cracked the Enigma Code in the year 1940. His model was a device that would simulate the actions of a human in order to test if a machine could, under certain circumstances, achieve a solution to a problem.

Artificial Intelligent

The test was based on a paper written by Charles Babbage, an English mathematician. In fact, Babbage actually created what is now known as the computer program or computer software. In other words, Babbage wanted to demonstrate how a machine can handle the concepts of language and learning. The results of his experiments were used to create what is now known as the computer, or artificial intelligence.

The first experiment with an A.I. machine was performed by John McCarthy. He constructed a machine that would “think” for itself. It was programmed to recognize patterns in language that it did not recognize. This was a way to test its capacity to solve certain problems.

More recently, another project attempted to build an A.I. system that would have to make decisions about both intelligence and behavior in all situations. This was called the Long Page project. The concept was to use a neural network – a network of computers – in order to make these decisions. This concept still remains in research, but humans certainly will not be able to do it anytime soon.

Now let’s take a look at how we might be using a machine to make decisions in the future. Say you are working in the stock market and your computer tells you that you should buy or sell a stock. Your machine tells you that you are making a poor decision because the stock is going up. If you knew a machine had the ability to evaluate this type of data and determine which decisions to make, then you would never make bad choices in the stock market again!

Of course, once you figured out how the artificial intelligent system worked, it would also need to be able to decide when to purchase and sell, as well. We all know that the technology to do this is closer than we think. And it would not be long before computers would be able to beat at least some of the best human investors. It would be interesting to see exactly what kind of stock programs would be invented.

Of course, once you had one of these systems in place, your job would be done. All you would need to do is enact the trades as they were told to you by your system. People would have a new source of income and their retirement funds would increase.

It is possible that future artificial intelligent robots could replace people in many of the day to day activities of people. We just might become dependent on our new overlords. But it does not mean that we are brain washed. We may, in fact, come to rely on them, and therefore, be safer.

Consider if you will the situation if your boss said that he wanted to make some changes to your job description. Would you be willing to accept the change? If you are not, then you should consider that you may lose your job. Of course, if you are willing to accept the change, then you have shown smart resistance. If you were to lose your job, you would have proved to your boss that you can make adjustments and adapt.

If you were to develop an artificial intelligent computer system which was able to learn, grow, and adapt, then it could learn and adapt to changes in the job market. The new jobs that were created due to the system’s learning ability, would bring better pay for everyone. Since you have been conditioned to be conservative, you would be happy to stay at your current job and earn your retirement.

If humans can do it, so can artificial intelligent computers. The best part about all this, is that the future is here, and it is time for action! I have a few more suggestions that I think you will find interesting. Please consider all this. It’s important that we do not create a black hole in space, or worse yet, a white hole where nothing could ever come back to the earth. Think on this.

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